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  Alisky hair company ltd, was establish in 2011. You can find us within the city of XuChang, Henan China. Which is also known as the hair center of the world. With 118 years of history dealing with hair in the industry. So our team of experts were born to love hair. And we will continue to improve on all aspect of providing top quality hair. Our brand is extended as far as the U.S. With a team of extraordinary individuals who gives input on ways to make business better. Together we will continue to improve on all aspect of providing top quality hair all over the world-wide.





From One Man, To One Team.

  Mr. White who was just a young man in 1999. Grew up seeing villagers, in quan dian managing hair businesses. In most parts of china having the opportunity to receive a higher education was slim to none in those times. Nonetheless Mr. White believed in a saying that "All road leads to Rome". With those words of hope he then took a leap of faith and became a hair vendor. Traveling through all areas of XuChang city collecting hair. 

  All The Efforts You make in life will pay off:

  In 2005 Mr. White founded a factory, with the intention to look toward foreign trade. Within the same time local government rolled out a series of policies to develop foreign trade. Great timing for Mr. White, he then employed college students who were fluent in English. To minitor selling hair products on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and other shopping sites. From then up until today we have exported over 100000 pieces of hair to over 130 countries. Alisky hair is a brand that Mr. White and all Alisky team members are very passionate about and highly proud of. Alisky is also now one of the top influential and most trusted brand on the famous shopping site Aliexpress.



Mr. White’s Factory,2005


New Beginning


  To improve better customer shopping experience, we have created our official website. On our site you can find all our products available to purchase. All style, pattern and length of hair you may need. You can also share Blogs, video and pictures of you rocking our hair. At Alisky we strive to provide you with the best hair quality at a affordable price. "Beauty don't have to cost much, look good, feel good on a budget" when you shop at Alisky hair. Shop now.


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