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AliSky Hair Malaysian Body Wave Non-Remy Human Hair 3Bundles With 5*5 Closure

Malaysian Body Wave Non-Remy Hair 3Bundles With 5*5 Lace Closure 1B Color 8-28 Inches  Free Shipping

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Malaysian Body Wave Non-Remy Hair 3Bundles With 5*5 Lace Closure 1B Color 8-28 Inches  Free Shipping Can Buy AliSky Hair Malaysian Body Wave Non-Remy Human Hair 3Bundles With 5*5 Closure AliSky Hair Malaysian Body Wave Non-Remy Human Hair 3Bundles With 5*5 Closure AliSky Hair Malaysian Body Wave Non-Remy Human Hair 3Bundles With 5*5 Closure AliSky Hair Malaysian Body Wave Non-Remy Human Hair 3Bundles With 5*5 Closure
Malaysian Body Wave Non-Remy Hair 3Bundles With 5*5 Lace Closure 1B Color 8-28 Inches  Free Shipping Can Buy
Hot Yes
Hair Length 8-30 Inches
Texture Body Wave
Longest Hair Proportion >=10%
Hair level 7A
Type Malaysian Hair
Hair Weight 100g/pcs±5g
Hair Weft Machine Double Weft
Items/Package 3Bundles With 5*5 Closure
Can be Dyed Yes
Shipment DHL 3-6 days , USPS 3-5 days , USPS Overnight 2-3 days
age_​group adult

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Q: What is Virgin Hair?

A: Virgin hair has not been processed or chemically treated in any way. It is 100% natural, so there is no damage to the cuticles which protect the hair from the elements. This pure form gives the hair a healthy,vibrant look you can see and feel. Our hair is hand-selected for quality assurance. Virgin hair extensions are naturally soft and beautiful. Great care should be taken so that all the cuticles run in the same direction to prevent tangling.The end result is soft, beautiful, and long lasting. You will be 100% satisfied with our high quality hair.

Q: What is Remy Hair?

A: : Remy Hair is considered to be the finest quality human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like most of non-Remy hair extensions. Preserving and aligning the hairs' cuticles in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky and completely tangle-free throughout its lifetime.Remy hair has a smoother, shinier, and healthier appearance than regular human hair.

Q: Can it be restyled?

A: Treat the hair as if it is your own. Use a flat iron/straightener or tongs, even when fitted, but as with your own hair, never use hot tools too often as you could dry the hair and it will not last as long.

Q: Can I dye color the hair?

A: Yes. The hair can be colored. As a general rule it is easier to darken the hair than to lighter the hair. We recommend to dye darker, not lighter since the hair extension has been processed and colored, it is difficult to fade the original color. Improper dying will ruin the hair.We highly recommend having your hairdresser dye the extensions as you will get the results you want, coloring them yourself always poses a high risk of not coming out the shade you want. If you can't get to a salon,always use a good quality hair dye and test a small sample first.

Q: Can I wash & blow-dry the hair extensions?

You can wash them by Shampoo and conditioner. We also recommend using a hair treatment on them every few weeks, because the hair is not attached to your scalp, it won't get the oils like you own hair. Using a treatment/hair mask doesn't need to wash your extensions too often, every 3 weeks enough. The extensions can blow dry on 'cold' setting, but it is not recommended to do it too often.The best way is to let your hair extensions dry naturally after washing them.

Q: Why are my hair extensions getting tangle?

A: Your Hair Extensions can tangle due to dryness, oil & dirt build-up, salt water, chlorine and not combing (wide tooth comb) out your hair daily. Make sure to wash & condition your hair at least once a week, twice a week is better. Use hydrating drops or consult your stylist for more help.

Q: Shedding?

A: Dear friend, all hair gets shedding; it's just the difference of more or less, even our own hair sheds, right? All of our hair weft is double layers an machine made, usually, its weft is neat enough, however, since you guys would cut it into pieces before installation. But just seal the weft again it will be strong enough.

Q: How many pieces of hair are enough for a full head?

A: Normally 2pieces, 4pieces at most.You can always use the leftover hair later. If you are using hair over 18" long you might need another pack.

Q: What type of hair care products should I use?

A: Treat this hair just as if it was your own hair. Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products. To keep it soft and manageable, please use leave in conditioners.You can also use products like gel and hair spray to keep the curls in place, but make sure to wash your hair and not leave these products on for a long time.

Q:How long does it last?

A: Whether your hair last long or short depends on how you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it .Many hair extensions prefer Brazilian or Indian hair because they are beautiful and unprocessed ,and it is the reason why they last longer than any other texture of hair.

Q: How to tell human hair from synthetic hair?

A: Human hair has natural protein, it is easy to tell by burning and smelling.Human hair turns to be ash after burning, and will go away after pinching.Human hair smells foul when burning,and will show white smoke.While synthetic hair will be a sticky ball after burning and will show black smoke, moreover,human hair may have few gray hair and split end, it is normal and of non-quality problem.
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